Illuminated Perfume

Gifts For Her

Are you looking for beautiful and unique luxuries for your lady friends, but no idea where to start? I am happy to be of service. Trust me - your mom, wife, aunt, grandmother, or best friend will appreciate the tactile quality and attention to detail of handmade items - especially when its not something they might buy for themselves. Face it, our world is pretty frenetic and our cyber lives are often devoid of nature, everyday luxuries that offer instant joy from their inherent beauty or relaxation in one breath, make you feel nurtured, more feminine and/or make shine from the inside out. I've assembled a collection with the top five gifts for your lady friends, whether its a birthday, Valentine, Christmas or any day that needs a little extra happiness. Based on what my customers have expressed I am sure that devotees of beauty will adore a gift that has been created with pride, skill and attention to detail.


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