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Pinon Hydrosol, 1 ounce in simple amber glass bottle


This piñon hydrosol was distilled by me from mindfully foraged piñon needles and in some cases may include wood and cones. The notes are woody and fresh. Artisan distilled within either a glass or cooper alembic, the elixir is the embodiment of Santa Fe, New Mexico with its rich, fresh scent of our native conifer.

Hydrosols may be used as an aromatic mist for the home, to hydrate the complexion, and as an uplifting spritz. These gentle plant waters are a great addition to ones herbal plant tool box.

Read more about what a hydrosol is by heading to this page here on the website.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Purified water and piñon needles, may also include wood and cone.
  • Fragrance Family: Wood

    The hydrosol has been poured into a 1 ounce amber colored glass bottle with a simple, water proof label. Best if kept in a cool, dark space or the refrigerator.

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