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Aumbre Liquid Natural Perfume - 4 grams in rectangular bottle


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Off to Serendip we go and return with a fragrance titled Aumbre, combining the sacred sound Aum/Om with the word Amber. The feel is nurturing and exotic, like a warm, handwoven blanket. Aumbre contains a synergy of twenty different botanical ingredients. The notes are warm, balsamic, sweet, tobacco and incense smoke

The feel is nurturing and exotic, like a warm, handwoven blanket. The fragrance defies genre as it is neither feminine nor masculine.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 190 Proof Organic grape and grain alcohol; vital plant essences including incense, wood, tonka bean, resins, vanilla; Our own artisanal tinctures.
  • Fragrance Family: Amber / Oriental

There are 4 grams, approximately 0.14 ounce, of perfume extrait within the glass vessel. Aumbre has been poured into a classic, rectangular bottle which is placed in a velveteen pouch, contained in a white box with three informational cards. The little bottle measures 7/8 inch wide x 1 3/4 inch high, the capacity of the bottle is 1/6oz (5ml). Four grams is equivalent to about 0.141 oz.

While decanting this fragrance a friend walked into the studio and let loose a chorus of inspired, descriptive, words including: "Big Sur, crunchy leaves, ocean air, camp fire..."

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