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Aurora Botanical Perfume 4 grams in Classic Bottle


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Aurora natural botanical perfume is an intoxicating golden elixir that is feminine and richly woven. The floral bouquet at the heart of this floriental bridges the amber base with spicy, citrus top notes to produce a carnation inspired fragrance. 

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 190 proof Organic grain & grape; vital plant essences including jasmine, ylang ylang, and mandarin in a resinous, vanilla base.
  • Fragrance Family: Floriental

"Aurora- Sweet and spicy carnation. Fans of Bellodgia and Golconda will appreciate the way the spicy clove-like part mellows down and melts into the skin."                      ~ Gaia at The Non-Blonde

There are 4 grams, approximately 0.14 ounce, of perfume extrait within the glass vessel. Aurora has been poured into a classic, rectangular bottle which is placed in a velveteen pouch, contained in a pillow box with three informational cards. The little bottle measures 7/8 inch wide x 1 3/4 inch high, the The capacity of the bottle is 1/6oz (5ml). Four grams is equivalent to about 0.141 oz.

Here is the page dedicated to Aurora.

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