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One of the worlds most beloved courses on botanical perfume is back and open for registration! The course streams 24/7 with downloadable files from anywhere at anytime, on your desktop, mobile device or tablet with lifetime access. A specially designed, essential oil kit created with Eden Botanicals, is sent out once you've been signed up and confirmed.*

The Art of Botanical Perfume is a pre-requisite to some of the future advanced online courses and is open a select number of new students. Get your spot now!

Below you will find a basic outline. More information can be found here. Please use the contact page or email me if you have specific questions.

The ART OF BOTANICAL PERFUME is a seven module, comprehensive course that includes several videos, handouts for each lesson in a pdf format, a slide show that is used with the essential oil kit and a forum where you can ask questions as well as share with other newbie and graduate students in our expanding community.

The course begins with an introduction to the craft of botanical perfume as an essential component to our modern day lives since it holds the seeds of Alchemy, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and the Arts—while still serving the Earth and positively affecting change in the human being. Throughout the seven module program the course shows the student how artistry of the creation of natural perfume contributes to a sustainable way of life that is part of organic farming as well as the evolution of humanity’s spiritual consciousness. Perfume making is a fine art that goes beyond reading books and putting together suggested scent-pairings; it’s about truly experiencing the complexity and nuances of volatile essences, understanding what they mean to you and where they came from; as well as the comprehension of how to create a fragrance based on your own personal aesthetic. By the end of this course you will have a foundation to create unique botanical perfumes, a template to continue building your skill set and the foundation to continue in the program with other upcoming classes.

  • 1. What is Perfume & Introduction ModuleHave you ever wondered where the word “Perfume” came from? In this module the word is defined and there is an overview of the different palettes currently used to create perfume, knowledge on the complexities of this ancient practice establishing understanding of its depth before proceeding to the history of the industry.
Lesson 1: Two Videos 7:35 / 3:59 minutes, text
Lesson 2: Video 16:43 minutes, text
Lesson 3: No video, Recommended supply list
    • 2. History of Perfume ModuleThe “wholistic” telling of this story begins with the first aromatic molecules which came from the conifers. Discovered by the First People who noticed mood shifts and decreased insects while burning this plant material, the history of humanity has progressed in unison with our utilization of fragrance. In this module we explore how the crafting of perfume stems from ancient fragrant preparations that were used for spiritual rituals and physical remedies. We look at the multifaceted world-wide uses of scent from India, China, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome providing insight into how this art form has changed and progressed through the ages.

    Lesson 1: No video, Short paragraph of text
    Lesson 2: History I Video 16:57 minutes, text is the video transcribed
    Lesson 3: History II Video 7:26 minutes, text is the video transcribed
    Lesson 4: History III Video 9:14 minutes, text is the video transcribed
    Lesson 5: No video, History timeline

    • 3. Tools & Raw Materials Module: An artist, of any sort, cannot do anything without their tools and supplies. In module three we look at the basic tools and raw materials you will need before fashioning your own perfume. Terminology and words such as “Pipette” and “Stirring Rod” are defined, as well as why you need beakers, funnels, blotter strips and more. Also in this module you will learn about essential oils; absolutes; extracts and concretes; high proof alcohol and how to make tinctures, infusions and an enfleurage. 

    Lesson 1: Two Videos 23:15 / 23:38 text
    Lesson 2: Video 10:51 minutes, Formula directions
    Lesson 3: Text
    Lesson 4: Formula directions
    Lesson 5: Video 14:45 minutes, text

    • 4. Fragrance Families & Types Module: In this module you will learn about the basic fragrance families and types of perfume. These basics help better understand the scents you will be experiencing during this course and into the future. The language of perfumery is very complex and by the end of this module you will understand the difference between “fragrance families”, “types”, “descriptives” and “notes”.

    Lesson 1: Video 10:49 minutes, text
    Lesson 2: Video 14:19 minutes, text
    Lesson 3: Text

    • 5. Olfactory Awareness Module: In this module you will be exercising and building what I refer to as "olfactory awareness." This is something you can practice every single moment of your waking life, with every breath…and in turn it will help you develop mindfulness. I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to dive deep into the wonders of your olfactory SUPER POWER, enabling you to experience scents rather than just learn about them. In this section of the course, you will be creating a notebook of what how you personally experience a scent and create from that authentic and individual resource. The process of experiencing scent without predetermined concepts, helps you create much more innovative fragrances. Your own distinctive sense of smell is your SUPER POWER, it will enable you to craft heavenly scents unlike any that have been made before. You will become empowered by your own experiences, and not be forced to conform to predetermined conceptions of scent.

    Lesson 1: Video 8:23, Slide show, text
    Lesson 2: Text

    • 6. Artistry ModuleIn this module you will understand that there are many paths of learning and creating. We will apply right brain and circular thinking to keep us in a creative mode. Once you have learned the basic language of scent and how to categorize an aroma (Module 5), and then begin to tap into your own unique interpretation of scent (Module 6) we move into personal artistry and aesthetics. This is where your unique imprint, your muse, will step forward to be an instrumental guide in your work in perfume, as well elsewhere in your life.

    Lesson 1: Video 2:56 / 8:23, text
    Lesson 2: Video 18:35 minutes, text
    Lesson 3: Two Videos 9:20 minutes / 10:46 minutes, text
    Lesson 4: Video 7:28, text
    Lesson 5: Video, text
    Lesson 6: Video 2:07 minutes, text 1570 word count

    • 7. Orchestration Module: In this final module you will construct your own unique perfume using the basic top, middle, and base note structure with suggestions on how to make modifications based on supplied formulas. Guidance on perfume concentrations, proportions of aromatic compounds and the different carriers are available; and what these carriers mean for the end result of the scent. We also delve deep into Alchemy and how the processes relate to creating botanical perfume. In the final lessons of this module you will orchestrate a distinctive perfume with all the knowledge gained.

    Lesson 1: No video, text 1369 word count
    Lesson 2: No video, text
    Lesson 3: No video, text
    Lesson 4: No video, text
    Lesson 5: No video, text
    Lesson 6: Video 27:21, text
    Lesson 7: No video, text
    Lesson 8: No video, text
    Lesson 9: No video, text

    Course Requirements:

    To fulfill the requirements to complete the Art of Botanical Perfume course and receive the certificate you will need to complete the following:

    1. Complete each module and the lessons contained.
    2. Create a nine note (or more) perfume according to the guidelines using the kit provided.
    3. Submit the perfume brief describing how and why you designed the fragrance including the intention.
    4. Share the completed perfume with at least five different people (consider doing this with other class attendees) who will reflect upon their experience of the scent. Details on how to write a perfume brief and the questions to ask recipients are included in Module 7: Orchestration.

    This course has been meticulously developed based on my own experience of learning to make perfumes from taking a variety of related classes. In the nineties when I became interested in botanical perfume it was at a time when there were relatively no classes being offered, and the ones available were very rudimentary and/or not very empowering. Thus, I put this journey together to give the student a birds eye view of the aromatic landscape of plant perfume and then begin to establish where and how they fit in.

    As mentioned above, the course includes a kit that was developed with Eden Botanicals. The twenty five little bottles are labeled with a number instead of the essence name and arrives with a rectangular legend. The kit will be used in Modules 5 for the "Olfactory Awareness" exercise and them in Module 7 for the creation of their unique perfume, the "Magnum Opus" of the course.

    Students in countries other than the US will be billed shipping on their kits, the rate is calculated by Eden Botanicals and does not include any custom fees that may be incurred. Students from other countries are welcome but will incur shipping charges on the kit and in some cases custom fees. We have been very creative with getting students their kits in creative ways to avoid excessive custom fees. Below is a list of estimated shipping costs for the kit:

    • United States (free shipping)
    • Canada                        $45.15 / UPS - Canada Standard*
    • Great Britain                $40.81 / DHL - International Express*
    • Australia                      $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • United Arab Emirates  $50.11 / DHL - International Express
    • Hong Kong                  $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • Japan                          $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • Kuwait                         $50.11 / DHL - International Express
    • Malaysia                      $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • Netherlands                 $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • New Zealand               $40.81 / DHL - International Express
    • Saudi Arabia                $50.11 / DHL - International Express
    • Singapore                    $40.81/ DHL - International Express
    • Taiwan                         $40.81 / DHL - International Express

      *Some countries have large import/custom fees which the student is responsible for. UPS, DHL and FEDEX shipments to International locations may incur high import duties (up to 50% of your order amount) that are out of our control. By choosing one of these shipping methods you agree to accept those charges.

      As mentioned above, we have been very creative with students who are from countries with challenging customs by using Fed Ex, independent couriers, or sending it to friends or relatives who can then take the package to the student.

      Here is a courier if you are in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

      For more details about the course reach out to Roxana via the contact page or e-mail.

      There are no refunds on the course unless you cancel before accessing content. If you have any specific questions about the course so that you have complete clarity, feel free to contact us. Since the kit for the course has been specially designed with Eden Botanicals we cannot provide a refund.

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