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Essentials of Chord Construction for Botanical Perfume


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This class is for those who have taken the ART OF BOTANICAL PERFUME.

A chord or accord in perfume is a term borrowed from music referring to constructing a synergy of notes that will be added to your perfume to create more complexity. 

You will learn how to construct chords, how they relate to each other and how to make them more complex. These are the basics we will work with in this class:

  • 1. Green
  • 2. Floral
  • 3. Earth
  • 4. Wood
  • 5. Spice
  • 6. Gourmand
  • 7. Citrus
  • 8. Fruit

All supplies and a spiral bond book are included with the purchase of this class. By the end of the day you will have gained new insights to add complexity to your botanical perfume formulas and knowledge to continue working with this new skill set.

DATES: Choose the date from the pull down menu.

TIME: 10am – 5pm. We begin promptly and will have approximately an hour lunch break.

LOCATION: School of Lost Arts, 1600 Lena Street A6, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Please arrive unscented. Be mindful of laundry, cosmetic and bath & beauty products on this special day. We need to keep our palettes clear and free of odorants.


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