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Schedule your private or group appointment for the pure fume plant scent experience you've been craving! No more synthetics, no more deception, we are the real deal when it comes to aromatic heaven derived from nature.

I'm Roxana and I make handmade fragrances and other scented items in our lab with artistry, elegance and sophistication. These are the most refined and beautiful botanical perfumes you will find in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Appointments are scheduled in fifteen minute increments, the cost of our time together can be applied to a purchase. After your purchase contact us with three preferred appointment times. We will contact you back with your day and time as well as a questionnaire to help us prepare your session. If you desire more than fifteen minutes, purchase as many of these as necessary.*

We are a synthetic fragrance free space. Please arrive completely unscented, this includes make up, laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo, soap, etc.

* We are working on a better appointment system, your patience is golden while we continue to refine the site and space to better serve you.

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