Illuminated Perfume

A Perfumed Bestiary, Single Perfume, Letter "J"


A Perfumed Bestiary series celebrates the animal king and queendom.

We began with the letter "A" in April 2019, which shipped in May 2019. Our next illuminated beast begins with the letter "J", order now to be part of that adventure.

This inventive, artful grimoire is a fragrant journey into the realm of the imagined and, as with Caspar Henderson's 21st Century Bestiary, "barely imagined" beings. From the fantastical to the almost extinct, together we will traverse mystical legends along with some other furry, feathery and scaly inhabitants of our blue planet.


    • This listing is for a small amount of the perfume, bigger than a sample.
    • Each month a new plant fragrance celebrating an imagined beast or barely imagined will be released.
    • The perfume will only be available to subscribers and eventually will be announced for purchase via our newsletter
    • The fragrance was offered as a solid perfume to begin the series, but may change month to month depending on the beast that we are illuminating.
    • This listing is for the Month to Month plan.

The first fragrance (A) was shipped in May 2019, B in June 2019, etc.

The next fragrance (J) ships in May 2020.

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