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Aurora Natural Botanical Perfume


Aurora, the mythological messenger God who carried the dreams of Morpheus is the name given to this rich, floriental fragrance. Although Lyra was the introductory floral released in my line, Aurora was the first fleshed out floral perfume I created. Back in the nineties I had sat down to recreate the aroma of carnations shortly following a Natural Perfumery class I had organized at the Bodhi Tree. The original title was Experiment #2. Aurora has a spicy floral quality reminiscent of carnations. I consider both Lyra and Aurora much simpler fragrances than the ones which followed. In fact “Q”, Chaparral, Vera, Vespertina and Sierra have quite a number of chords which are specific to them. I suppose it would be easier to develop one wood chord that would be used in all of of my perfumes. Alas, that is not how my inner artist functions. By the way, I prefer to use the word chord, instead of the French accord. In most perfume circles you will notice they use the French accord. To be honest, I never quite understood the concept of using a word in a different language than the one we speak in. Perhaps this is because my first language is not English.

"Mystical rays of luminous light in the form of spice and citrus flow down from the heavens to enhance flower and earth."

Aurora is an organic, pure nature fragrance inspired by the aroma of Carnation flowers. Categorized in the "floriental" fragrance family melding the words floral with oriental, the floral bouquet at the heart bridges the rich amber base with the bright citrus and spice notes of the top.

"Star bright, star light,
first star I see tonight, I wish I may, 
I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight."


The carnation quality is subtle and due to the combination of floral and spice. The main odor chemical in a fragrant Carnation flower is "eugenol", this component is found in high concentrations in the essential oil or absolute of clove.


Although one can approximate a carnation type of aroma with just a few essences, Aurora contains over twenty. I added a bit of a precious Carnation absolute from France just for Divina of the Fragrance Bouquet Blog. In December Divina wrote a lovely review of the liquid version of Aurora, here are a few of her words: "What beautiful, twinkling magic has been weaved in this amazing, heart-moving fragrance? Because it is surely magic, or at the very least the magic of art and love, that make this fragrance evolve so stunningly on the skin, going through countless transformations that seduce the senses one after the other..."


 The base alcohol in the liquid expression of Aurora, as with all my perfume "extraits" is organic grape and grain from Oregon. The solid contains a base of Organic jojoba oil, beeswax and an artisanal infusion imbued with the energetics of California sunshine. 

We've chosen a hue from the red spectrum as Aurora's color harmony. Perhaps you have already noticed that each perfume has a color association as well as an illumination created by Maestro Gregorio. Most of our floral perfumes have the red tones from my color palette. The challenge is finding the particularly tone in a corresponding image, the right crochet thread for the pouches and the wax sticks. Sometimes all this takes time to put together. The process gets even more complex if it is a new perfume that requires a name. The naming is a bit of a drag, very different from naming a painting. Since Aurora was one of the original perfumes in the illuminated line Martha and I had an fairly easy time choosing the color hue. The challenge came when we searched for the correct thread in the color, we've actually gone through a few variations, the first thread was multi-hued.

Eventually we came across the color we are now using, the only challenge is the wax seal is slightly off and will eventually be replaced with a color more in line with the pouch. The specially designed and hand crochet pouches are utilized for the higher end items like the round and oval compacts and the flacon.

Aurora Solid Natural Perfume in Ornate Case

The name Aurora was chosen for the sparkle quality of the fragrance which reminded me of the phenomena that occurs in the sky at the magnetic poles of the Earth, both in the north and south. The Cree refer to the aurora borealis as Dance of the Spirits, which works rather nicely with Greg's image and a botanical perfume created with grape spirits.

"The stars are putting on their glittering belts.
They throw around their shoulders cloaks that flash
Like a great shadow’s last embellishment."
~ Wallace Stevens



Currently, Sept. 2018, Aurora is only available in the solid format, I'm working on more of the liquid parfum extrait as well as an eau de parfum (spray), eventually an oil roll on and other products which you can scent with Aurora.

Here are the options available

Mini Compact diamond/brass
Mini Compact floral vine/ brass

The illustration we use to illuminate Aurora is a detail of Snow Faerie, an image by Greg, it is featured in his 2009 Calendar titled Divine Nature. See more of Greg's artwork at etsy and his website.

Photographs by Roxana Villa, illustration by Greg Spalenka


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