Sacred Scent

Have you sensed a yearning to connect more deeply with plant wisdom. Will this be the year to follow that voice that has been beckoning you toward living in your art spirit, while incorporating magic and plant knowledge?

Our upcoming course Sacred Scent of Nature is a magic carpet ride around the world, exploring how scent has been used as an aromatic tool for conscious transformation. The journey follows the invisible highway of fragrance from ancient civilizations that looked up toward the stars and understood that all living things are part of a large tapestry we weave together.

Tune into threads that evoke stories of our soul, facilitating an opening to reclaim our sense of the sacred. Get your very own visually rich book pdf that includes a mystic synergy of art, science & nature, with story points from the ancient times anchored with rituals. Included is a Materia Aromatica featuring the Sacred Scents of Nature, all right here at your fingertips.