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A concept perfume inspired by the album by Greg Spalenka and Michelle Barnes about the 14th century mystic Vespertina. The first ingredient I choose for this fragrance was rose since the flower aligned well with Vespertina’s devotional nature and her feminine qualities. The heart of the perfume features a rich floral triad spun of luxurious rose, jasmine and lotus gently reclining on ancient resinous wood. For the characters visionary mystic qualities I choose precious essences associated with heightened consciousness such as; lotus, frankincense and a very special vintage, sandalwood distilled from an old growth tree found in the forest in Mysore, India.

Since this epic tale has a backstory of her romance with the young knight Dante I added co-distilled essences and attars, these components bring one essence that is the marriage of two separate parts. The final affect of this complex composition is an intricate seduction. Images of a golden Byzantine crown come to mind with the rubies, emeralds and opals replaced by precious essences from Arabian deserts and lush ancient forests. 

There are over twenty individual, pure plant essences in this complex fragrance, the liquid and eau de parfum are 100% vegan.

The rose, lotus, sandalwood and frankincense anchor the scent and have strong connections to the divine. Cypress was included to facilitate fixation as well as bring in the story element of the souls journey after death. The orchestration also contains angelica for its association to the realm of the angels and the inner landscape. The floral triad at the heart revolves around rose for the strong presence in the story as well as the aroma therapeutic associations with the heart and healing. The top notes include zest and herbal relating to Vespertina’s upbringing in a fourteenth century English convent and a bit of spice for her ancestral roots.

Vespertina has a progressive evolution moving from resin, wood and spice into a floral heart. The dry down varies depending on skin chemistry. In some cases the vestiges of the evolution remain a floral hum, while on others the scent transcends into incense with wood or a wood and leather.

It was at the San Diego Comic Convention in 2008 where this perfume was debuted. I witnessed with complete fascination the aromatic scope of this perfume and its molecular disbursement on varying skin types, which was a perfect evolution in terms of Vespertina's adventure from the earthly plane to the astral and back again. I highly recommend taking a scent journey while listening to the music.

Divina at the Fragrance Bouquet Blog states this about the liquid version of the fragrance:
"Meaning “Evening”, Vespertina™ is a glorious, floral scent with rich veins of spice. Its construction is absolutely marvelous, with top notes that you’ll want to chase after like fleeting dreams, floral heart notes so deep they make you feel like you can get lost in their nuances forever, and spicy, woody base notes that linger comfortingly on the skin until the skin’s own beauty shines through."

"The red rose whispers of passion
and the white rose breathes of love
O, the red rose is a falcon
and the white rose is a dove
But I send you a cream-white rosebud
with a flush on it's petal tips
for the love that is purest and sweetest
has a kiss of desire on it's lips"

~ O'Reilly


Vespertina was created as a solid, liquid and eau de parfum atomizer, although they are made in editions which tend to sell out.


ROUND COMPACT: (pictured above) There is approximately 5.3 grams or 0.186 ounces of natural perfume by weight, sometimes quite a bit more within the embossed case. The compact is available in different finishes and with the option of a burgundy, handmade crochet pouch. The beautiful case arrives in an adorned purple box, ready as a gift to oneself or someone you cherish and appreciate. The heirloom, limited edition pouch was designed specifically for Vespertina with a gothic design along the edge.

MINI COMPACT & LOCKET: The mini compacts and lockets measure 42mm tall (just over an inch and a half) by 33mm wide (1 1/4 inches) and the inside recessed circle for the solid perfume pan measures 23mm. The small tray that fits within the case contains at least 1.5 grams (by weight) of solid perfume which will supply about 30 applications of the fragrance. 1 gram is equal to .036 ounces. The cases are available in a variety of finishes as well as with stones. The compact arrives in a small pouch within a box with four informational cards.

OVAL COMPACT: The pan within the case contains approximately 7.5 grams, 0.265 ounces, of natural solid perfume by weight. The oval compact measures 2-5/8" X 1-5/8" X 1/2" deep. The case is placed in a simple velveteen pouch or can be ordered with the limited edition crochet pouch. The item is placed into a decorated purple gift box with informational cards

Each solid perfume is poured into a separate coated aluminum pan that fits inside the brass finished metal compact. This insures lasting performance of this pure, natural, botanical perfume and the option to replace with a fresh tin when all used up. 

ROUND BEE TIN: Our bee tins are a simple round tin filled with solid perfume with a honey bee wax seal on the top. There is approximately 5.3 grams of the cream-like fragrance in the container. The tin is placed into a velvet pouch, arriving within a box with three informational cards.

Vespertina as a liquid and eau de parfum (EdP) shares the same construction as the solid, the difference is that the liquid and EdP are suspended in 190 proof, organic grape alcohol.

Illustrations by Greg Spalenka, listen to the music here, buy the CD or prints here , take a look at the inspirational LookBook here.


Vespertina Testimonials

"I've tried several of Roxana's perfumes and when I tried a sample of Vespertina, I knew I had to have a full size order. Gorgeous, layered and warm floral scent in a portable, elegant compact. Perfectly indulgent, beautifully packaged. I will definitely be back for more."

~ N. Vance, Vespertina Mini Compact


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