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Basket Weaving With Locally Foraged Plants


Basket weaving with locally foraged plants 
A Workshop with Mona Lewis


Baskets can only be woven by hand. Every basket you have ever seen was woven by someone, and reflects something of its maker.

In this class we will work with locally foraged, fragrant plants to weave a basket that distinctly embodies this time and place. Local conifer needles, willow bark and/or vetiver will be woven together to make a small jewel of a basket, unique to each person whose hands have made it. This is a simple technique, no previous experience is necessary.

    DATES and TIME: Monday, September 2nd, 2019 / 1:00 pm – 3pm.

    LOCATION: School of Lost Arts/Roxana Illuminated Perfume, 1600 Lena Street, unit #A6, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

    Please arrive unscented. Be mindful of laundry, cosmetic and bath & beauty products on this special day. We need to keep our palettes clear and free of odorants.



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