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Liquid Perfume Sample Set of Three


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A trio of handmade, organic, botanical perfume packaged in a specially made, wax sealed enclosure. Each of the glass vials contains .25 grams of pure perfume extract. 1 gram is equal to .036 ounces.

Choose which three (3) samples your heart desires (MUST be three different fragrances) include your selection in the "note to seller" when checking out:

AURORA: An amber, floral spice, reminiscent of carnation.
AUMBRE: Warm botanical amber with sweet + spice.
CHAPARRAL®: Sweet and vegetative wood with incense.
CHIAROSCURO: Light & dark jasmine with spice, vanilla & patchouli.
CIMBALOM: Incense, patchouli and jasmine. Intoxicating oriental.
Figure 1: NOIR: Feral, animalic, earthy and dark, an ode to patchouli.
FLEURISH: The hypnotic scent of night blooming fresh, white flowers.
GREEN WITCH: A classic Chypre with notes of seaweed, wood, & rose.
HEDERA HELIX: Inspired by Classy, greens on a bed of moss.
IMPROMPTU: Smoky, floral leather with lemongrass.
La DAME Blanche: Voluptuous green floral bouquet with wood & citrus.
LYRA: A delicious, sweet floral in an amber base.
MELLIFERA: Sun drenched honeyed, wild flowers.
"Q": A warm, woody amber with incense and a hint of smoke.
SIERRA: The vertical eden of a the California redwood giants.
VESPERTINA: Romantic floral, incense, wood, spice + citrus
If you are having a difficult time deciding here is a page from my site that might be able to make the decision process easier:

We are currently SOLD OUT of:
GRACING the DAWN: Ethereal floral.
PAGE 47: An earthy, nectarous jasmine with vanilla and driftwood
ROSA: Earthy wild rose, this includes authentic precious agarwood.
TO BEE: Ode to the honey bee. Warm spice, with beeswax + amber.
VERA: Ode to lavender with herb and orange blossom.

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