Illuminated Perfume

Botanical Perfume Experience


An hour long "experience" at the perfumery with Roxana as your guide into the mystical landscape of true plant scents. Come prepared to be enchanted with tales of the history, magic and mystery of our ancient fragranced past. Through a timeline that stretches across the world, we will inhale precious extracts of rose, jasmine and sacred woods, just to mention a few—unlocking stored memories through the sensual and inspiring realm of scent. 

As a memento of this alchemical indulgence, Roxana will gift you with a collection of delights so that the spell of the session will be enjoyed and conjured with one sniff.

This experience is for a maximum of two individuals, if you would like us to host a larger group we are happy to accommodate your needs for an additional fee. Please contact us to set up this special scent journey.

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