Illuminated Perfume

Solid Natural Perfume Refill Tins of the Cacao Soul Flower Series


Chocolate solid natural perfume refill pans for the mini compacts and/or perfume lockets.

Please choose which solid perfume tin(s) you desire from the drop down menu.


    • Handmade Perfume
    • Materials: Local beeswax; Organic jojoba oil; vital plant essences including essential oils, absolutes and co2 extracts; and our own artisanal infusions
    • The solid perfume pans can be ordered individually so that a different scent can be chosen for each occasion. The solid natural perfume is poured into a separate aluminum pan so that they will not adversely react with the raw metal of the locket. This insures longevity of your perfume and also gives you the option to swap out different fragrances.

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