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Cimbalom Eau de Parfum, 4 grams


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An intoxicating, golden elixir of vital nature, natural botanical solid perfume. Cimbalom is named after the stringed instrument closely related to the hammered dulcimer. Like the exotic musical chordophone that can be found dating back to 3500 BC, this perfume contains essences that go back to ancient times with melodic notes of jasmine and percussive beats of resinous amber.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 190 Proof Organic grape and grain alcohol; vital plant essences including labdanum, Indonesian patchouli, jasmine sambac, ginger and citrus rind.; Artisanal tincture of Jasmin Sambac blossoms.
  • Fragrance Family: Floral + Oriental Floriental

There is 4 grams, by weight, of this luxurious fragrance in the pretty spray bottle. One gram is .036 ounces. The glass, spray bottle measures approximately 2.25 inches tall x 1.25 wide with the cap on, which arrives in a pillow box with informational cards. 

Read more about Cimbalom at the dedicated page. 

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