Illuminated Perfume

Custom, Signature Perfume


Roxana approaches each custom perfume individually, working exclusively with her palette of pure plant essences that enliven the senses – each selected and blended with only you, and what inspires you, in mind. The resulting custom perfume works with your individual body chemistry, bringing forth an illuminating aromatic expression – one that can never be duplicated, because it was created just for you.

Your unique scent portrait begins with a 60- to 90-minute consultation to determine your “Scent Palette.” The olfactory journey includes Roxana's treasure trove of prized plant distillates in her studio. The unique scents which whisper to you individually are noted and then orchestrated just for you, like your very own symphony. Approximately three weeks later, Roxana will deliver 3 samples for you to experience and test.

Afterwards, you can choose to move forward with your favorite of the 3 samples or choose the option of one complimentary reformulation.

You choose the base for your final fragrance, for example as a parfum extrait in a flacon, an eau de parfum or a solid perfume in a compact or, if you prefer a mini version of each.

The individual formula for your authentic, signature perfume remains on file with Roxana and can be utilized for other formats and creations such as body lotion, room spray, salt scrub, etc. as well as when you are ready for refills. And the unique formula will never be used for anyone but you.

Each Custom Perfume comes in a signature pouch and also makes a one-of-a-kind gift.

{ California residents pay tax on product prices. }

Contact Roxana today to schedule your own unique scent portrait or to order one as a gift.

"As a gift to myself I hired Roxana to create my own custom perfume, I had no idea that I would be embarking on an olfactory world tour. Exploring my personal scent preferences turned out to be a major healing, as well as a whole lot of fun. I now have a new appreciation for the world of scent. It’s incredible the care that Roxana took to make certain “MY” (my inspiration was: flowers floating on shimmering ocean tides) scent was “just right”, and, boy did it pay off~ not only do I adore my personal fragrance “Siren”, but everyone comments on how it is perfect for ME!" ~ Kimberly in Northern California


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