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Eau de Parfum Sample Set of Nine


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A sampler set of nine handmade, organic, natural Eau de Parfum. These samples are an introduction to our fragrances in the Eau de Parfum format to test on the skin to see which one to choose in a larger bottle. The containers arrive with a set of informational cards. Each little atomizer contains 1 gram (.036 ounces) of the fragrance by weight.

Choose (9) samples:
AUMBRE: Warm, spicy botanical amber.
BLOSSOM: Refreshing traditional cologne, pairing citrus & herb.
CHAPARRAL®: Herbaceous wild wood fire.
Figure 1: NOIR: Feral. An ode to patchouli.
Fleurish: The hypnotic scent of night blooming white flowers.
IMPROMPTU: Smoky, floral leather with lemongrass.
LYRA: Sweet amber floral.
MELLIFERA: Sun drenched wild flowers.
SIERRA: The vertical Eden of conifers.
VESPERTINA: Romantic floral and incense, balsamic.

Coming soon:

CIMBALOM: Incense and jasmine
Figure 5: BOIS: The undergrowth of a mystic forest.
TO BEE: Spice and sweet honey with vegetal musk.
PAGE 47: Jasmine, amber and driftwood.

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