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Hedera helix Natural Perfume Vial 1 gram


Hedera helix, the botanical name for Ivy, is one of the sacred trees of the Celtic forest and part of the Tree Ogham. This fragrance is green and woody, a mossy forest, its structure based on a like a classic chypre perfume.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 190 Proof Organic grape alcohol; vital plant essences including: jasmine, peach leaf, vanilla and oakmoss.
  • Fragrance Family: Forest Chypre

"A green lover's idea of paradise, and so calming too."
~ Donna Hathaway, Perfume Smellin' Things blog

One gram, by liquid weight, of Aurora natural botanical perfume extrait. A true nature fragrance in a base of organic grain alcohol. packaged in a wax sealed glassine envelope with informational cards. One gram is equivalent to .036 ounces. I use grams because they convey an accurate measurement. The glass bottle is 1.5 inches tall with the black cap on. This is the 2014 edition.

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