Illuminated Perfume

Liquid Perfume Set of three Mini Bottles


A trio of handmade, organic, botanical liquid perfumes arriving in a card board box with informational cards. 

SELECT three perfumes for your set from the list below.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Local beeswax; 190 proof Organic alcohol; Vital plant essences from essential oils, c02 extracts and absolutes: our own artisanal tinctures.

Each perfume is poured by hand into a squat amber bottle with an iconic honeybee wax seal on the top of the lid. The bottles contain 1 gram of pure perfume extract (1 gram is equal to .036 ounces.) Each fragrance contains an identifying card which is placed into the box with the perfumes.

Choose from the list below and leave your choice in the "notes to seller" section upon checking out. If we do not see your selection we will contact you via email, thus, make sure the email entered is a working address.

AUMBRE: Warm, spicy amber.
CHIAROSCURO: Dark Jasmine: floral, spice, vanilla and patchouli.
CIMBALOM: Incense, amber and jasmine 
FLEURISH: Fresh, indolic jasmine 
Figure 1: NOIR: Feral, dark, red wine. An ode to patchouli.
MELLIFERA: Sun drenched wild flowers.
"Q": A Warm, sweet wood with incense and a hint of smoke.
SIERRA SOLID GOLD: Spicy, sweet, conifers. 
TO BEE: Honeyed spice in a warm earthy incense base. 
VESPERTINA: A triad of ancient flowers with resinous incense.

If you are having a difficult time deciding please refer to the How to Choose a Scent Page here.

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