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LOVE Essence Solid natural perfume trio in a heart box


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This set of natural botanical perfumes was inspired by the Valentine LookBook titled LOVE Essence that my husband Greg and I created. It began as a seedling of an idea based on Floriography, the Victorian language of flowers. As we prepared the soil the book took on several incarnations until finally settling. 
The visual poem of love, whispers a sweet melody in three acts beginning with an orchestration of Rose, which we have attributed to the love of self. Her velvety soft petals gently open from a once tight bud into a magnificent example of an open heart. 
The second act introduces Jasmine, a sensuous, night blooming creature who beckons us to share our fully opened heart with another. 
Having opened our hearts and expanded its strings of love the Lotus takes us up through the sacred channel, opening to beauty and light for union with the divine. We hope you enjoy this journey through the threefold sensorium of our language of flowers. 
In harmony with this journey this set includes three fragrances from the Language of Flowers...
ROSE: Love of Self
Rosa - a wild, earthy rose perfume unfolding from a rose bouquet into deep rich rose and wood.
JASMINE: Love of Others
Chiaroscuro - Jasmine with spice, vanilla and patchouli, feminine and sweet.
LOTUS: Love of the Divine
Vespertina - Jasmine, rose, lotus, wood, spice & citrus. Romantic.
A perfect gift for those allergic to traditional perfume. The set includes a "Honey Pot" of Rosa, Chiaroscuro and Vespertina. There is approximately 5 grams by weight of these luxurious unguents. The fragrance is contained within a natural tub measuring almost 1 inch high x almost 1 inch wide. A color coded honey bee wax seal indicates the fragrance within the container. The three perfumes are placed within the golden heart box. The box arrives with a set of informational cards. This is ready to give as a gift to yourself or someone special. An altar to your essential nature.
Here is a link to the LOVE Essence LookBook.

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