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Lyra Solid Natural Perfume in Oval Case


A beautiful oval, romantic case with Lyra solid natural. The fragrance component is handmade using vital ingredients exclusively from nature. Each cream-like, perfume is poured into a separate pan which fits perfectly within the metal case. The design on the face of this oval case features a tapestry-like texture which evokes another era, view the tapestry design in the second photo.The oval case is manufactured and finished in America by a small family owned business. The experience of wearing and applying completely natural aromatic treasures is very sensual, relaxing, uplifting and has the potential of transporting you on an olfactory journey into realms of memory, other lifetimes, etc.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Certified Organic jojoba oil; Local beeswax; vital plant essences from essential oils, absolutes and c02 extracts; our own artisanal infusions.

LYRA: Sweet amber floral. Read more here.

There is approximately 7.5 grams or 0.265 ounces of natural perfume by weight. The solid perfume oval pan fits snuggly within the tapestry patterned, brass finished metal case. This insures lasting performance of this pure, natural, botanical perfume and the option to replace with a fresh tin when all used up. The case measures 1-5/8" diameter x 1/2" deep and are manufactured and finished in America by a small family owned business. The solid perfume case is housed within an intricate, heirloom pouch. The compact and pouch are then placed into an adorned purple gift box with three informational cards. The crochet pouch has been handmade and specially designed for this fragrance by Martha of TwoKnit. This is one of our higher end items, we also offer 8.7 grams in simple round tins.

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