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Orchid Bee Solid Perfume in Round Mega-Tin


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Orchid Bee solifleur, meaning single flower, featuring the note of true Vanilla.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Local beeswax; Organic jojoba oil; Vital plant essences with balsamic notes of vanilla; and our own artisanal infusions.
  • Fragrance Family: Oriental

There are 22.25 grams of Orchid Bee, by weight, in the round tin which measures 1 and 1/2" x 11/16th" deep, 22.25 grams is almost 0.8 ounces. The round vessel is placed in a pouch and arrives with informational cards within a cardboard pillow box. Ready as a gift to oneself or someone you cherish and appreciate.

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