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Locket Necklace with Chiaroscuro Artwork for Solid Natural Perfume


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The natural solid perfume art locket necklace contains the illustration called Chiaroscuro by Greg Spalenka. This romantic, antique inspired oval, brass locket opens to reveal a separate little tin pan for your favorite illuminated perfume in solid form. The term Chiaroscuro comes from Italy, referring to the tonal contrasts suggesting volume and modeling of the subjects depicted. The literal translation of the word is light-dark. It is the name of this illustration and one of our perfumes.

The luminescent image has been printed on a gorgeous metallic paper and then sealed with a glass-like finish, it is showcased in a detailed oxidized brass oval locket. The colors are well saturated and vibrant with the subtle details of the artwork visible. 

If you desire one of these special lockets make sure to let us know which fragrance you would like for the pendant by mentioning it in the  "Notes to Seller" section upon checking out, or contact us. See list below.

AURORA: An ambery, floral spice.
AUMBRE: Warm, spicy botanical amber.
CHAPARRAL®: Herbaceous wild wood fire.
CHIAROSCURO: Dark jasmine.
CIMBALOM: Incense and jasmine
Figure 1: NOIR: Feral. An ode to patchouli.
GRACING the DAWN: Ethereal floral.
GREEN WITCH: Sea Chypre.
HEDERA HELIX: Mossy Chypre.
IMPROMPTU: Herbaceous leather.
LYRA: Sweet amber floral.
"Q": A Warm, Sweet wood with incense and a hint of smoke.
SIERRA SOLID GOLD: Spicy, sweet, conifers.
VERA: Ode to lavender.

The locket measures 42mm tall (just over an inch and a half) by 33mm wide (1 1/4 inches) and the inside recessed circle for the solid perfume pan measures 23mm. The small tray will supply about 30 applications of the fragrance. There is approximately 1.5 grams by weight of solid perfume in the little replacement tin, which is held in place with a tiny amount of removable putty.

Your perfume locket hangs on a pretty brass rolo chain and features a lobster clasp closure. These lockets are made in the USA from vintage molds that go back to the 1940's. Each one has been plated with a brass ox to create an antique quality. No lead or nickel have been utilized. The brass is lightweight thus making the necklace comfortable to wear.

The locket is placed in a pouch with four informational cards all contained within a box, ready as a gift to someone special or for yourself.

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