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Vespertina Botanical Perfume in classic bottle


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A concept perfume inspired by the album by Greg Spalenka and Michelle Barnes about the 13th century mystic named Vespertina. The fragrance has been constructed around the note of rose and other supporting floral which align well with the story, Vespertina’s devotional nature and her feminine qualities. Since the female character is a visionary mystic precious essences associated with this archetype as well as heightened consciousness are woven in to compliment the rose such as lotus, frankincense and Mysore sandalwood. The result is a unique incense floral that harkens back to an ancient time.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 190 proof Organic grape; vital plant essences including rose, jasmine, Mysore sandalwood, frankincense, spice and citrus.
  • Fragrance Family: Floral

Four grams, by liquid weight, of Vespertina botanical perfume extract. A true nature fragrance in a base of 190 proof organic grain and/or grape alcohol. One gram is equivalent to .036 ounces, thus 4 grams is .14 ounces. I use grams because they convey an accurate measurement. This edition is from 2018, arriving in the rectangular bottle with the black lid.

Here is the page dedicated to Vespertina.

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