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Roxana Illuminated Perfume is located in the Whizin Market Square is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains off on Roadside Drive near Kanan Road and the 101 Fwy in Agoura. The area is great history tied into the Wild West and old Hollywood.

Part of the Square includes an atrium currently called the "Market Hall" which contains restau-rants and shops on the bottom level with an eclectic mix of shops and offices on the mezzanine level. Roxana Illuminated Perfume Workshop is located up the stairs of the atrium, above the Mexican margarita bar. The space is divided into three sections: the front scent bar/showroom, the apothecary where I have the fortune of creating my products and the teaching consultation area.

The scent bar features glass domes with each perfume on an antique apothecary glass and oak cabinet which contains the Roxana Illuminated Perfume collection of products. Each dome sits on a wood pedestal with a colored crochet flower indicating the fragrance within. Aromatic molecules are volatile thus they rise and are trapped within the glass dome as they rise up from the little tin of solid perfume.

The front showroom area also contains the collection of lockets, including the super popular solid perfume pendants. Antique and vintage items evoke the old world feeling associated with the era and my great grandfathers homeopathic pharmacy in Buenos Aires, back when medicines and perfume were handmade with plant materials. Since I works only with high quality essentials oils and plant materials the imprint of the past is an important part of my brand. Included within the space are three chandeliers which were found at a salvage yard in downtown LA, two scones that belonged to my grandmother, various other items from local flea markets and artwork by my husband Greg Spalenka.

Through a garden trellis that was made into a gate you will find my workroom which contains three long tables, an old cabinet and a large bulletin board with a collection of inspiring imagery.

The class room is still a work in progress, this space contains a long table with fold up wings and extensions, a vintage cabinet which houses Roxana's hand crafted tinctures and infusions, a collection of herbs hanging from a line, a chalkboard and more of Greg's artwork.

I am the artist, nose and maker behind of the brand Roxana Illuminated Perfume. My story includes my great grandfather which opened the first pharmacy in South America , a career as an award winning freelance illustrator in NYC and a professional background in aromatherapy. In September of 2014 I was a speaker at The World of Aromatherapy Beyond Aromatics conference held at Bastyr University in Seattle. Read more by following these links here at the website.

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